It is defined as a tour style not really as a sort of tour! According to Slow tourism techniques, cultural potential and Iranian lifestyle; Roma Parvaz has started performing the new style of tourism in Iran. There are a lot of advantages which listed as a bellow:
1, Ability to run at different levels and for different budgets
2, Attending and Familiarizing tourist with the social or cultural events which happen in the place during a day. It causes, the tourists find a better understanding of their destination and enjoy more.
Forasmuch as, in this case the tourist spends more time in the place, therefore he has got a better understanding of the local community and also food, traditional sweets, fun, language. If you studied about Iran before entrance in to it, you would find out Iranian are hospitable and welcoming people, so if you are invited to party during your trip in Iran, do not be surprised!

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Roma Parvaz`s Meetings & Events services will offer complete support in organizing, scheduling and developing special events. Our long lasting experience is supported by partnerships with some of the most important International Meeting Planners of Business Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions and Shows. “We host international exhibitions in Iran” from 0 to 100 %.

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Persian Lifestyle


Original Iranian mehmooni usually gathers of relatives and families that has been holding by host who invite guest or they come without any invitation for different reasons, like a Yalda, Norouz, Birthday party and etc…
In these party different food like a polo, cheloo kebab, chicken and stew and the other Iranian Cuisine were served and it continues for long hours .in this party, old people are respected and they have special level among themselves and also they have compliment with each other.
“Iranian know the guest as blessing and dear person due to having best feast and services for them”.
In Persian Life style tour, you will be experience 1 or couple night, Iranian party.


Iranian has got different fascinated gathering which one of them is “Shab-E-Sher”. This ceremony has been holding for different excuses in miscellaneous part of Iran where people who are fan of poem and literacy; they gather together which is related to events and subjects recite poem of some poets such as Hafez, Saadi and contemporary poet. The first Shabe-Sher in Iran was held for Ahmad shamloo by German embassy in 1347. There is at least 01 night Shabe-Sher during your Persian lifestyle tour in Iran. So you will be more familiar with it.

Poetry workshop

Poetry workshop in Meybod is one of the magnificent tourism attraction where attracts majority of tourist from all around the world every year; the other attraction is “Hand-building” which they sit behind the poetry wheel, and see the way of making poetry and touching this industry by their own hands; they are taught how to make it freely, so in Persian lifestyle tours, they will be familiar with handicrafts and poetry.

Iranian style cuisine

Iranian Families have hosted their guests with different Iranian dishes and desserts; the dishes are spiced up by different spices, which the most famous one is Saffron. It causes that Iranian dishes are unique and tasty.

In Persian life style tours, our tourists will be known by Iranian dishes, then they will provide the foodstuff form local market (Bazaar) and finally, they will bake Iranian dishes in the Iranian Kitchens under the supervision of house wives, but this time, according to their taste and style, so they will be more familiar with Iranian life style and baking culture.

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