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It is defined as a tour style not really as a sort of tour! According to Slow tourism techniques, cultural potential and Iranian lifestyle; Roma Parvaz has started performing the new style of tourism in Iran. There are a lot of advantages which listed as a bellow:


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Sadeh meaning hundred, is a mid-winter feast celebrated with grandeur and magnificence in ancient Iran. It was a festivity to honor fire and to defeat the

forces of darkness, frost and cold.

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Roma Parvaz Travel is fully equipped within city and inter-city transport system, with affordable price at your disposal. All transport services are equipped by free Wifi service for the travelers. The rate and prices of different types of transport automobiles can be seen in the table below.

Travel Without Cash

Roma Parvaz Company in collaboration with Iranian and international banks, can provide Iranian debit cards for its guests. Travelers can put money in their international account and receive the equivalent amount in your Iranian debit card. Moreover the remaining of cash will be transferred to your international account once you leave Iran.

One-day tours

If your travel purpose is Business/Commercial and you have one or two days off work, you better take an advantage of seeing the attractions of this rich historical and artful land by choosing one of our one-day tours.

Free Traveling Consultation

 Roma Parvaz Company serves free traveling consultation; response all question about Iran.

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Roma Parvaz

 Roma Parvaz Tour and Travel Company

Licensed under A and B of the National Aviation Organization & Cultural Heritage

and Tourism Organization. Holding numerous tours on different routes of domestic and foreign tourism

A Fact Of Roma Parvaz

ROMA PARVAZ Tour and Travel Company is located in Tehran, Iran and founded in 2002. Its sincere policy is customer satisfaction and offers the best services to its clients.

  • Roma Parvaz is one of the top five best sellers of Airline tickets in Iran

  • The best seller of the Qatar Airline in 2016

  • One of the best top ten of outbound tour in Far-east and South Africa

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Why Roma Parvaz?

– Different routes with different budgets.
– Multilingual guides.
– Obtaining visas in a very short time.
– Access to an extensive network of hotels.

  • Obtaining Iranian Bank Cards for foreigner tourists

  • Obtaining Travel Insurance for foreigner tourists

  • Online Reservation System for booking Iran domestic flights and hotels which can be paid through Visa and MasterCard

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  • Issuing domestic and international tickets

  • Issuing travel insurance

  • Obtaining Visa for several countries

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