Persian life style tour

It is defined as a tour style not really as a sort of tour! According to Slow tourism techniques, cultural potential and Iranian lifestyle; Roma Parvaz has started performing the new style of tourism in Iran. There are a lot of advantages which listed as a bellow:

1- Ability to run at different levels and for different budgets

2- Attending and Familiarizing tourist with the social or cultural events which happen in the place during a day. It causes, the tourists find a better understanding of their destination and enjoy more.

  Forasmuch as, in this case the tourist spends more time in the place, therefore he has got a better understanding of the local community and also food, traditional sweets, fun, language. If you studied about Iran before entrance in to it, you would find out Iranian are hospitable and welcoming people, so if you are invited to party during your trip in Iran, do not be surprised!

But, it is not all the story! A plan has been implemented in Iran recently that helps a lot to Persian Life style. In this plan, the local people have started to construct and rebuild the old and historical houses with the tourism attitude which they are used as a Local traditional houses or traditional restaurants.

We pick up these places as our tourists` accommodation, so not only, they enjoy the experience of living in Iranian homes but also they access to historical district and local tourist attractions.