The Memorandum of Understanding on Medical Ink Tourism in Iran with 32 countries

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The Memorandum of Understanding on Medical Ink Tourism in Iran with 32 countries

Iran has signed several Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on medical tourism with 32 countries at a recent conference held in Tehran.

Tourism The Iranian Social Security Organization (HEGTA) has signed Memoranda of Understanding on medical tourism with agents and representatives from 32 countries at a specialized conference in the Iranian capital of Tehran on 8 August.

According to a Farsi report from the daily Tejarat, following the signing of the MoU, these agents each obtained a license from the Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Security Ali Rabiei to become HEGTA representatives in their respective countries.

Among the states that received the license of the Iranian Minister were the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, the Republic of Dagestan, the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Oman, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, Uganda, France, Germany, Turkmenistan, Tanzania, Romania, Sweden, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Nigeria.

Following the holding of the confab, HEGTA officially began its activities in Iran in the field of medical tourism. The medical tourism sector in Iran is currently ready to provide medical tourists from around the world with services in all medical fields and treatment.

Some 22 hospitals in 15 Iranian cities, Homa Hotels Group and Raja Rail Transport of Iran all play a role in the development of the medical tourism industry in the country by providing services in this area.

The hospital medical tourism packages and the commemorative stamp were also unveiled at the seminar.

Job creation

In response to the conference, Rabiei said that more than 120,000 jobs should be created in the domestic tourism sector in the current Iranian year (end of March 2018).

He added that the sector can play an important role in promoting employment in Iran.

“By 2015, the number of medical tourists around the world amounted to six million.”

High-quality services

Speaking at the same conference, Mohammad-Ali Nourbakhsh, head of the Social Security Organization of Iran, said that the country’s health tourism sector offers foreign visitors a high quality and appropriate services.

He added that few countries in the world have the same level of medical science as Iran.

“Iran’s medical and treatment facilities are also very appropriate. Patients from all over the world can come to the country to benefit from qualified doctors, who are among the best in the world and receive medical and treatment services. Quality “.

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