This tour organized for students and anybody who are interested in visiting the glance of Persia by economical budget.
Heading to Northwest of Iran, on the way visiting Soltanieh Dome(UWHS), the biggest brick dome in the world.
Walk to Imam Reza shrine and see thousands of the pilgrims attending this place.
Ready for a fun-fueled family trip? Pack your sunblock, swimwear, and those all-important traveling snacks.
Visiting special villages in Iran Central Desert, exploring its beauties, experiencing of trekking in the heart of Iran Central Desert.
Set out on exploring Northwest of Iran`s beauties down to south Ahwaz, Shiraz, Yazd and ending up in Isfahan.
Iran skiing tour is a seasonal opportunity that has been planned for those who would like to go skiing in Iran in winter; In 3 different skiing resort.
Get a glimpse into the glorious Persian empire while visiting ancient Persepolis as well as Pasargadae, tomb of Cyrus thereat and also Kish Island.
Iran Classical Tour” has been planned as a two-week+ 01 tour to suit everyone who would like to learn about Iranian culture, history and architecture in a couple of weeks.
Visiting main highlights of Iran but based on new method of tourism, In accordance with the standards of slow tourism.
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