The etymology of the city name comes from Kasian, the original inhabitants of the city, whose remains are found at Tapeh Sialk dating back 9,000 years; later this changed to Kashian, whence the town name...
The Qazvin is the city of firsts, such that it hosts the first street and the first university of Iran. Although Qazvin boasts of a magnificent history, it is one of the richest cultural and historical cities of the country.
You will be picked up at in front of the door of Hotel, Tehran sightseeing visiting Saad Abad Palace, Tajrish Bazaar, Imam Zadeh Saleh Shrine and Darband. Back to Hotel
Tehran is the latest and the largest capital city in the 7000-year history of Persia, as Iran was called by many people in the West before 1935.
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