Tour levels in Iran

The number of tourist attractions includes historical, cultural, eco, beside the Infrastructure and tourism services offered by each country are the most predominant factors of attracting the tourist and its continuity. our colleagues by studying the micro and macro factors which are involved in the tourism industry, and also the opinion of the tourists who have been in Iran before, has studied the problems of the tourists in Iran, and they faced by a lot of things that the most prominent of them is the mismatching the level of service that the tour operator has announced on the trip (accommodation, Restaurants, Tour guides) With the services they expect. Fortunately, our experts in Roma Parvaz has found out the solution by discussing with tourism experts and giving more details about trip and services. As you know, many international standards have been defined for tourism services level (Accommodation, tour guide, restaurant, transferring, sightseeing), which the providers of services are required to implement it.

However, the People who travel to different countries on business or on vacation are informed that these standards are different in diverse areas!

For example:

The level of Cleanliness, Room equipment, even, the number and different parts of the 4-star hotel in Paris is definitely different by the same hotel in Katmandu. And the reason depends on the internal laws of the states and also the manner in which the relevant institutions are supervised. In Iran according to government perspective, internal lows, Lack of proper infrastructure (Relative to the existing attractions and the number of incoming tourists), lack of information exchange with full details of the tourist and travel agent, this problem is more apparent in some cases.

Roma Paravz defines the service levels from “A to E”; The services include Accommodation, Transferring and Tour guides which they are appeared in our website.

It will help the travelers which, based on their budget and demands, choosing their interested tour packages. This method determines the level of the tour, is also used to determine the diversity of the way the tour.

For example: Iran classic tour (Tehran-Isfahan-Yazd-Shiraz)

In tour level, you will see the phrase “A to E”, which indicates the ability to run the tour from A to E; but about “Kharturan tour” which half of it runs in rural and wildlife; the only practical level is “E” and “D”. In addition, by identifying the tour level, the tourists are able to choose the one based on their demands and budget.

Tour level

–           Our capabilities in Roma allow us to do your requests at any desired level.

–           Our Services are categorized in 5 levels (Luxury, excellent, very good, good, economical) to make you more comfortable.


A – Luxury (limousine, Mercedes or Volks Wagon Van, Vip Bus with the crew)

B – Excellent (Mercedes” E “Series, Hayes or Iveco Van, VIP Bus)

C – Very good (Toyota Sedan (Camry or Raw 4), Iveco Van, Scania Bus)

D – Good (El 90 and Persia Sedan, Hyundai Van, Middle Bus)

E – Economic (Peugeot or Samand Sedan, Isuzu Van, Middle Bus)


A – Luxury (5-star Suite, The best room and hotels)

B – Excellent (5-star hotel and the best hotels)

C – Very Good (4-star hotels)

D – Good (3-star hotels)

E – Economic (Local houses)


A – Luxury (A certified guide, full proficiency in the requested language and Full time)

B – Excellent (A certified guide, full proficiency in the requested language and Full time)

C – Very Good (A certified guide, full proficiency in the requested language and Half time)

D – Good (A certified guide, full proficiency in an English language and Half time)

E – Economic (A local guide, full proficiency in an English language and half time)


Services such as Servant and maids, body guard, private driver, and any additional legal services that you expect from Roma Paravz.