Around Persia from Tehran to Shiraz/ 11 Days

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Day 1


Arrival at IKIA airport, greeting, transferring to Hotel and resting, dinner in Darband. O/N Tehran(Hotel)
Day 2


Set out to explore the bustling cosmopolitan capital of Tehran, starting by north and “Saad-Abad” complex, built by the Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs, then “Reza Abbasi” Museum, one of the artists in the Safavid period, after lunch, Iran National Museum, Iran’s cultural treasures are kept there and Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage), one of Tehran's oldest building complexes and a masterpiece of the Qajar area. O/N Tehran(Hotel)
Day 3


Moving to Kashan, delightful oasis city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir, on the way you will be visiting Masumeh shrine in Qum, then Fin garden(UWHS), the oldest extant garden in Iran, a historical house of Tabatabaei, Mir Ahmad bathhouse, was constructed in the 16th century, during the Safavid era and will be ended by Aghabozorg Mosque. O/N Kashan(Hotel)
Day 4


Depart Kashan to discover highlights of Isfahan, widely thought to be the most beautiful city in the Islamic world, the 17th century capital of the Safavids, on the way visiting Abyaneh Village, a village of great antiquity, which is like a living architectural and anthropological museum dating back to Safavid Era, the simplicity found in houses affords a picture of life in rural areas of Iran, heading to Isfahan, visiting Jame Mosque(UWHS) the grand, congregational mosque of Isfahan and “Vank” Cathedral, the Church of the Saintly Sisters, is a cathedral located in the New Julfa district of Isfahan. End up by visiting the historical bridges of Isfahan” Si-oSe pol and Khaju “O/N Isfahan(Hotel)
Day 5


All day sightsee the highlights of Isfahan which date to Safavid Era including Monar-Jonban, it contains 2 minarets if one of the minarets is shaken, the other minaret will shake as well, Chehel-Sotun Garden(UWHS) another majestic Iranian Garden, walking in Naghe-Jahan(UWHS) Square and visiting Shah mosque, Ali-Qapou palace, a high and beautiful building which shows art of Iranian architects and Sheikh lotfollah Mosque, one of the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture that was built during the Safavid Empire. O/N Isfahan(Hotel)
Day 6


Leaving Isfahan to Yazd(UWHS) the largest brick city in between two basic Iran`s desert (Dasht Lut and Dasht Kavir), on the way passing through Jame Mosque of Nain and Meybod with its highlights including, Caravanserai, Ice House & “Narin” castle, after Lunch arrival into Yazd, and we will end up our journey by visiting Amir-Chakhmagh” complex It also contains a caravanserai, a tekyeh, a bathhouse, a cold water well, and a confectionery. O/N Yazd(Hotel)
Day 7


Today beginning our journey by driving to Abarkuh village, visiting Gonbade Aali, Jame mosque, Abarkuh old cypress the oldest tree date back to 2500 BC and Aghazadeh Mansion and its wind catcher was built during the Qajar Dynasty. O/N Abarkuh(Traditional Local house)
Day 8


Set out the city tour of Yazd for half a day, visiting Towers of silence, a circular, raised structure built by Zoroastrians for excoriation – that is, for dead bodies to be exposed to carrion birds, usually vultures, Zoroastrian Fire temple, leaving Yazd towards Abarkuh to visit, Gonbade Aali, Jame mosque, Abarkuh old cypress the oldest tree date back to 2500 BC and Aghazadeh Mansion and its wind catcher was built during the Qajar Dynasty. O/N Abarkuh(Traditional Local house)
Day 9


Continue our journey to Shiraz the city of flower and poem, on the way visiting the most predominant site of Iran” Pasargadae” (UWHS), the Tome of Cyrus the great, “Naghshe Rostam” The investiture relief of Ardashir I and Persepolis(UWHS), The Palace of Achaemenid kings. Passing through Quran gate and enter to Shiraz. O/N Shiraz(Hotel)
Day 10


All day enjoying the beauties of Shiraz, visiting Nasir-ol Molk Mosque with its stained glasses, Naranjestan Garden, due to abundance of sour orange trees it is called Narenjestan and date back to Qajar Era, Vakil complex (Bazaar, Bathhouse, Mosque), Karimkhan citadel was the residence of Karim Khan and where he ruled. O/N Shiraz(Hotel)
Day 11

Shiraz- End of the tour

The last day of the tour starts by Visiting Eram Garden(UWHS), one of the most famous and beautiful Persian gardens in all of Iran Qalat village, enjoys in its vicinity an eye-catching waterfall., Afif Abad Garden, Saady Tomb and Hafiz Tomb, 2 famous Poets of Iran. Transferring to Shiraz International airport , board home

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